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Heraldic horns sound throughout Yosemite National Park's elegant Majestic Yosemite Hotel, calling guests to enter Bracebridge Hall. Come travel back through time to a Christmas of centuries past, where glorious music and sumptuous food are but part of America's best-loved holiday tradition.

In a manor hall with fifty-foot beamed ceilings and huge windows looking out to snow-clad mountains, this celebrated Yuletide extravaganza allows guests to travel to a Christmas that is rich in every aspect. In a perfect balance of the mystical mixed with mirth, this 3-1/2 hour holiday feast transports guests to old England as Squire Bracebridge welcomes all to "food and riches without measure, joining voices raised in festive sound. Let our conviviality abound!" A splendid array of singers and court characters tell the story of Lord Neville Bracebridge and his household, while guests are entertained and tended by an attentive Bracebridge staff.

Explore this captivating pageant of music and magic...

The Seasons Have Now Come Full Circle!

Our 2018 season has concluded. Reservations for the 2019 Bracebridge Dinner season can be obtained by calling Yosemite Hospitality at 888-413-8869 or visiting or Click here to learn more >>

Experience the Magic of Bracebridge

The splendor, pageantry, and excitement of The Bracebridge Dinners at Yosemite is captured in this delightful promotional video from Glitch Films.  Come experience the wonder and immerse your senses in the Christmas season at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel's annual Yuletide tradition!

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